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Client Reviews

When you meet James Jadotte, you may find yourself immediately taken aback: clean-cut, highly motivated, and extraordinary energetic, he comes across as a young man who knows what he wants, and more importantly, he’s making sure he’s on the right path to achieve it.”

As a grandmother of a struggling sophomore in college, I inquired with Career Peer Consultant to help my grandson kick-start his career navigation. After a month and a half of coaching, I am thrilled to say that my grandson is now employed (part-time) and is excelling both in and outside of the classroom. Thank you, James, for all of your help with my grandson.
— Kimberly.S | Career Sync & Resume Review

Omg get you a James to help you every time. Not only is he professional but the resume and cover letter will get you the job you need. James is the second professional resume writer - the first one had some issues, but James fixed all that with ease. I will surely recommend him and I will always use James for my career needs. Thank you so much Career Peer Consultant!
— Anica L. | Resume Review

I first approached James via LinkedIn on an article that he wrote which was targeted for recent college graduates looking to start their careers. He was extremely professional and he also took the time to understand my professional goals. James’ advice helped me launch my full-time career at one of the biggest financial services firms in the world. I am looking forward to continuing working with James as I continue to accomplish my professional goals. Thank you very much, James!
— Kendrick C. | Career Sync

Had an opportunity to meet with James earlier today for my first career coaching session. I was pleasantly surprised at his agility to distinguish through details on my resume along with fine-tuning specific job searches. I hope to work more with James as I develop my career goals and professional development. I highly suggest his sessions to those seeking to polish themselves before an interview or those seeking resume help. Thank you again, James.
— Tony S. | Resume Review & Career Sync

I have known James for over 15 years and can honestly say that his guidance has helped me begin my career on the right path. From restructuring my resume to pointing me in the right direction, I am glad that CPC is there for every step of the way.
— Tommy P. | Career Sync

Recently I met James for a resume review and career diagnostic. Through my recent session, I can attest to his excellent service. The thoroughness of James’s resume review and preparedness made for an effective session. James provided adequate feedback and practical advice that I was able to incorporate into my career search, interviewing techniques, and activities therewithin. For those seeking career advice with a knowledgeable, goal-oriented, and more importantly, personable peer, inquire with Career Peer Consultant, James.
— Laura C. | Resume Review

James is very personable and provides in-depth insights and ideas. He is an excellent coach and I’ve not only been able to learn from him but I’ve also been able to implement his advice into my full-time career. Thank you, James!
— Anthony B. | Resume Review